Lisa Pierson
Internet Scavenger Hunt
4th Grade Social Studies
The Westward Movement

Use the information within the following web sites to answer the questions that follow the web site link.  Your answer page should include the section headings and the question numbers of each section. Happy hunting!


1.  What was the main advantage of using a Prairie schooner over a Conestoga wagon?

2.  What two animals were used to pull the wagons?  Why weren't horses used?

Discoverers and Explorers

1.  Jefferson gave Lewis and Clark two objectives for their expedition.  Which objective was a success?

2.  What did the mountain man, Jedediah Smith re-discover?  Why was this re-discovery important?

3.  How did John Fremont encourage pioneers to head west?

Oregon Trail Timeline

1.  Create a timeline with the following dates : 1803, 1804, 1825, 1841, 1846,  and 1869.
      Make sure you label the importance of these dates on your timeline.

2.  Select another date that you find interesting (that isn't listed in item 1 above) and explain what happened on that date.

Oregon Trail Sites

1.  What trail site was a place of convergence for early routes from the Mississippi Valley?

2.  What was the significance of Fort Kearny?

3.  What river did the emigrants cross at Three Island Crossing?