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Artist Statement

Art provides the means to make my thoughts tangible, to take what’s in my mind and bring it to the real world for others and myself to experience.  I enjoy using symbols to create something with content, something that has meaning whether it’s pretty or ugly. I think about what I want to say, how I want to say it, and how I can make it interesting.  The content of my art varies and includes social/political commentary, metaphors, stories, aspects of myself, documentation, studies or whatever stirs inside me; I'm limited only by what I can imagine.  I love to show people my ideas and worlds, and learn from how they analyze, interpret and react to them.  Imagination and experience are my kindling and art is the spark. Together they create the fire that allows me to see my world.

My Paintings
close up of a wounded soldier on the ground
painting of woman enjoying a sunset on the coast
"Untitled" Oil on canvas 33in x 28in

"Cradle on the Coast" Oil on canvas

24in x 28in

Self Portrait
Vast landscape with a castle in the distance

"Self Portrait" Oil on canvas 18in x 24in

"Fantasy Landscape" Oil on canvas

16in x 10in

My Drawings
Elephant line drawing
World of Warcraft executioner
"Elephant" graphite 8in x 9in
"World of Warcraft Executioner" graphite 9in x 9in
Drawing of a contemporary tribal man
Drawing of one of Frank Millers Immortals
"Tribal Man" graphite 8in x 10in
"Frank Millers Immortal" graphite 4in x 6in
Oil pastel portrait of a black dog
Three people holding keys chained to a demon symbolizes addiction
"Jubilee" oil pastel 12in x 18in
"Addiction" ink 7in x 10in
My Mixed Media
Mixed media angel self portrait  
"Self Portrait" digital imagery, graphite, foam core, feathers 48in x 50in
My Watercolor
Image of a male and female represented as the sun and earth
portrait of a beautiful smiling girl srrounded by flowers
"Sun and Earth" watercolor, colored pencil 18in x 24in
"Jeanine my Love Bean" watercolor, colored pencil 18in x 24in
My Sculpture
Sculpture of folded hands
Another image of sculpted folded hands
"Folded hands" plaster, acrylic paint, oil paint 12in x 11in
Teaching in Action!
Brandon Teaching
Brandon teaching again
Teaching a lesson.
Student Work
Second grade watercolor of a flower Second grade watercolor of a flower
Second grade O'Keefe flowers in watercolor.
Flower Printmaking project Flower Printmaking project
Third grade printmaking projects.
Symmetry design in marker second grade Symmetry design in marker second grade
Second grade symmetry designs in marker.
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Disclaimer: This web page is created for educational purposes and is not for profit. It partially fulfills ART331 Technology in Art Education requirements at Eastern Michigan University. All information and image sources are noted on the page.

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