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A vast fantasy landscape with a starry night sky and adventurers about to go on a journey

Self Portrait Statement
As a teacher I want to create an environment where my students explore a fantastic world and blaze trails in pursuit of their goals.   I want my class to be like a fantasy adventure where my students learn that decisions affect the destination and every turn unearths new challenges and possibilities.  As a teacher, I will provide my students with tools and guide them on their adventures.  I will show my students the vast world that waiting to be explored and start them on the path that leads their adventure.
 During their journeys, the students will gain experience, become proficient with their tools, gain new skills, learn from their mistakes and discover more about their world as they explore it.  As my students reach new levels they will use their individual strengths to help each other conquer larger tasks and explore new territory. 

Using the tools and experiences they have gained, my students will set out on their own adventures, pursuing their own goals, developing their skills and affecting their world.

I earned an Associates in the Arts degree from Henry Ford Community College in 2005.  I am currently pursuing my degree in Art Education with a focus in painting at Eastern Michigan University.  After student teaching in Winter 2009 I will gradate and begin looking for a teaching position.  I have always had a passion for art and teaching and I’m looking forward to teaching in my own classroom.  Outside of the classroom I like to create my own art, run, swim, teach swim lessons, travel and spend time with family.


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