The Atom
Scavenger Hunt

model of an atom

Objectives: Once you complete this scavenger hunt you will have a deeper understanding of the structural parts of an atom.You will know a bit of the atom's History. You will also be able to navigate websites on the internet to find information.

Instructions: Read the questions below each link provided. Click on the link to find the answer to the the questions. Once you get to the linked website, read the information and click on "next" (or "fun facts" or "continue"). Navigate through the website until you find the answer to the question. Write the answers on a sheet of paper and turn it in by Wednesday.

Atom Definition and History
1) What is the definition of "atom"?
2) Who devised this idea first in History?
3) How much do atoms weigh and who figured it out?

Atom Structure

From this link, DO NOT click on "Next stop on tour" instead, select "Structure" from the list on the left.
1) Are neutrons, protons and electrons the smallest particles that exist? If not, describe the smallest particle known inside the atom.
2) Can you know where and electron is? Why?
3) Who came up with these ideas about orbitals, shells and spinning? When?

Atom Tour
1) How many natural occuring atoms are there?
2) How many electrons do you need to match the weight of a proton?

3) If an Hydrogen atom was drawn to scale, how big would your screen need to be in order to display the electron's orbit?


Find a website with information about Niels Bohr. In your own words, write a one page summary of his biography including his accomplishments in Chemistry.