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Contact Information

James T. Todd
301A Science Complex
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
734-487-0376 (Main Office Phone)
734-487-6553 (Fax)

Course News & Updates

  • PSY 301: Writing assignment 1: Edit the draft comment for brevity, clarity, and accuracy.  You may also fix grammatical and mechanical errors.  The target audience is a Senate staffer who has been asked whether this article demonstrates the effectiveness of the method for producing expressive typed communication by people who cannot otherwise speak.  It should end up being shorter when you are finished.  You may send the result to me as an email attachment. Due Thursday, June 9.
     Draft     Target article
  • Writing Assignment 2: Write a one-page evaluation of the target article in the same format as the draft used in assigment one (unless you can find another, more appropriate format).  The question is: Does this article clearly demonstrate the ability of the subject to type expressively with assistance?  Your target audience is an prosecutor who has been handed this article as proof of the method, and will probably have only a few minutes to read and understand your arguments. It may even be quoted in court. This is due Monday June 13.  You should send it as an attachement to my email.
    Target article
  • Test 1 Review
  • Test 2 Review
  • Email me for the Psychophysical review document.
  • Test 3 Review
  • Email me for handout on surveys
  • Test 4 Review (complete review in one file)
  • Final Test Review

Research Interests

  • Behavioral excesses including activity anorexia and schedule-induced polydipsia
  • Animal models of behavioral excesses, especially anorexia and obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • History of psychology, especially the history of learning theory and behavior analysis
  • Applied behavior analysis including treatment for severe multiple handicaps and autism
  • Fads and fallacies in the treatment of developmental disabilities.
  • Single-subject methodology and visual analysis of data
  • Computer control of experimental research



University of Kansas (1981): Human Development and Psychology (with honors)
University of Kansas (1986): Human Development
University of Kansas (1990): Developmental and Child Psychology

Representative Works

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