To: Technical Writing 424 Students and Teacher
From: Lauren Johnson, 424 Student
Date: February 3, 2004

Re: Reflection Memo

Talking Headers Make The Most Important Point First
The addition of talking heads makes the memo easier to read because you see right away what the point of each paragraph is. In my first draft the headings were less informative, they just made a statement about the subject of the paragraph without mentioning how that affected the class. Now each memo section has a talking header that ties in my experiences to the class.

Seperation Of Educational Programs Allows For Seperate Skills
When I seperated the biological and artistic portions of my curriculum from each other, it meant that each area aided me in different ways. In my first draft, all of my program of study was condensed into one section. Now I have seperated them into two paragraphs, with each one representing a different tool that could benefit the class. This makes sense because Art and Biology teach different ways of organizing and learning information.

My Team Introduction Memo


To: Technical Writing 424 Students and Teacher
From: Lauren Johnson, 424 Student
Date: February 3, 2004
Re: Team Introduction Memo

Coaching Experience Has Made It Easy For Me To Take On Leadership Roles

My experiences as a soccer coach have made it easy for me to take on a leadership role in many different situations. I currently coach, manage and play on a coed competitive soccer team. We are in the middle of our fifth consecutive season and are currently ranked #1 in our division. I have also coached girls and coed youth league soccer teams. Coaching kids requires a lot of patience and that you be able to break instructions and goals down into basic ideas communicated in easily understood language. These experiences have made me feel comfortable in organizing groups of people and deligating responsibility. This could be an asset to our class if we were to be arranged in groups where no one else felt comfortable taking the initiative in getting things moving.

As A Biology Major I Find It Easy To Follow Directions And Technical Procedures

In the field of Biology, it is essential that you follow all directions and technical instructions exactly when in the laboratory. The program that I am part of here at Eastern is an Individualized Studies Program. The biological aspect of my curriculum is concentrated in anatomy and physiology. My biology background could come into play in our classroom environment because I have developed a very scientific way of processing information and I have a lot of experience following directions and technical procedure instructions. In addition, I see the importance of adhereing to these principles in educational settings.

Because I Am An Art Major, I Am Good At Interpreting Visual Information

Being involved in artistic practices has given me a very critical eye. I am good at spotting problems, inconsistencies, or flaws in visual information such as diagrams or written documents, as well as other mediums. Art is my other major area of educational concentration. My work is done mostly in charcoal or graphite and is mainly focused on drawing from nude models. Because of my artistic experience I am very observant and notice inconsistencies quickly, which could also apply to our classroom lessons.

My Experiences With Individuals And Groups Of People Make Me Easy To Get Along With

As A Waitress, I deal with lots of different people on a daily basis and am pretty comfortable associating with groups of people and communicating one on one. The place where I work, Webers, is a hotel, banquet facility, fine dining restaurant, and ultra lounge. I work in a highly formal dining atmosphere where the guests can be very picky about the way things are done, food is prepared and wine bottles are opened. Because of this, I am good at giving people what they want. I also work in the lounge, which is a bar with live entertainment. The crowd there is much more laid back and personable, as such I am pretty easy to get along with. I also come from a large, blended family. Because of all these experiences I can relate and communicate with a wide variety of different types of people.

My Team Introduction Memo



Technical Writing 424 Students and Teacher


Lauren Johnson, 424 Student


February 1, 2004


Team Introduction Memo

I Am A 20 Year Old Student, Waitress, and Soccer Coach

My name is Lauren and I spend nearly all of my time either working, studying or attending classes. I work at least 40 hours every week and am always enrolled in at least a full credit load of classes. In my spare time, I coach, manage and play on a competitive coed soccer team. We are in the middle of our fifth consecutive season and are currently ranked #1 in our division. I also try to spend as much time as possible with my nine-year-old sister, Alex.

At Eastern I Study Biology, Art, and the Language Arts

I am in an individualized studies program heading towards a bachelors of Science degree. In the biological aspect of my program, I am concentrating on anatomy and physiology. In the artistic portion I prefer graphite and charcoal. Most of my work is rendered from nude models. To sum up, most of my curriculum is centered on the human body. This is because I am hoping to attend grad school for Medical Illustration. Medical Illustrators are the artists that create all of the diagrams and pictures in medical textbooks, journals, and magazines. They also design hospital pamphlets, posters, and prosthetic limbs. The language arts part of my degree is mostly centered on Technical Writing.

My Writing Experience Is Mostly Creative

I have taken most of my English and Writing courses at Washtenaw Community College, which is where I attained my Associates degree. While at WCC I took the following relevant courses: Composition 1, Composition 2, Creative Writing, Poetry and Drama, Literature of the Nonwestern World. Since transferring to Eastern, I have taken Principles of Technical Writing 324 and one journalism class. In my spare time I do write when I have the time, but mostly poetry.

In A Group Situation I Am Easy To Work With
When working in a group environment I am productive and involved. I like to make sure that I am going to produce an end result that everyone else in the group is going to be happy with and I prefer that my group members feel the same way. I think that communication is the number one way for everyone involved to be satisfied. I can follow other peopleís directions easily but can also take on a leadership role if necessary. I am pretty good at keeping things going and getting other people started, provided I know the material pretty well. If I donít know the material all that well, I prefer to keep my mouth shut. I like it when other people have some kind of input as well, so that I am not doing all of the talking.