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A outer this world piece with dragons at the top corners.  There is a crown at the bottum of the page that explodes a varying amount of things into space.  Things like triangles, a car, and soda can.  There is a lizard and tank on the sides of the crown.

Metaphorical Self Portrait
10 x 18
Graphic Design




Metaphorical Self Portrait Statement

My metaphoric self-portrait is a metaphor of personal nature and one that all art educators can relate to. As art educators we strive to light a spark in our students and help those that need help along the journey of art. My portrait places the teacher in the realm of sculptor. Most, if not all students come into an art class with certain expectations of themselves and of the class. Some students feel they are great artists that do not need other guidance, while many, like myself when I was a student, need a present teacher to help persevere through the good times and bad. As an art educator, I will take time to help those that need to find the inner artist in times of struggle and hope to allow them to soar free and grow as their own artist. Inspiring them when needed and pushing them to be the best version of themselves will produce strong and confident artists.





My name is Ritchie Knox a senior at Eastern Michigan University.  My hometown is Detroit Michigan.  Growing up Detroit where expression is everything, I learned that you have to work hard or you’ll never go anywhere in life.    I was constantly groomed by my parents, told to stay in school and reach beyond what was readily available.  Parents are the most important people in the world, because every person, child, man, or woman goes through one.  What parents allow their children to do whether good or bad is what they’ll practice as adults.  Making the transition into college has been an interesting journey, back in high school I have always been the best artist in my class, but in college the level of competition has definitely increased.  No matter the challenge or the obstacle I will continue to strive for excellence, and that’s what makes me special. 





Art Advocacy Video




Me teching a group of second graders about heroes and how parents are heroes in thir own way.  This is the group conversation afterwards.

Ritchie Knox teaching second graders the importance of responsibilty. This is the group conversation that concluded the assignment. This image was taken at Riverside Arts Center in Ypsilanti, MI.




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