Sarah relaxing in  Florida last year Sarah T. Fall
PhD Student
College of Technology
Technology and Education
Eastern Michigan University

B.S. EMU: Technology Management  
M.A. EMU: Educational Psychology  
Ph.D. EMU: Technology & Education In Progress


Fall, S. and Kustron, K. (2010, October) Implementing Computer Mediated Communications Tools in an Online Environment.
Michigan Business Education Association (MBEA), Refresh, Recharge, Renew, Frankenmuth, MI.

Fall, S. (2010, October) Benefits and Barriers of Online and Traditional Learning: Implementing Computer Mediated Communication.
Michigan Business Education Association (MBEA), Refresh, Recharge, Renew, Frankenmuth, MI.

Kustron, K. and Fall, S. (2010, October) The ABC's of Protecting your Intellectual Property.
Michigan Business Education Association (MBEA), Refresh, Recharge, Renew, Frankenmuth, MI.

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Courses Taught:
Baker College of Jackson
Previous Teaching Experience:
Lansing Community College
** CSS 211 Intro to Network Security
** NET 222 Intro to Routers & Routing
** NET 101 Networking Essentials I

** CITF 110 Introduction to Computer Information Systems
** CITF 120 Operating Systems Concepts
** CITS 121 Computer Support: A+ Essential
** CITS 131 Computer Support: A+ Technician
** CITN 120 Introduction to Networking
** CITA 110 Introduction to Microsoft Office

Certificates and Licenses Professional Development
** CompTIA A+ Certification
** Advanced Certificate in Computer Systems Technology
** Advanced Certificate in Computer Networking Technology I
** CCNA Instructor Explorer Training I and II
** Online Instructor Training Certification (Michigan Virtual University)

CCDC (Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition)
2006 Midwest Regional
Washtenaw Community College team division
Duration: 1 Week
** Job Duties: Variety of duties over the competition week for the WCC team; Support included photography, host for visitors, guidance for team members, network implementation team member.
CCDC (Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition)
2007 Michigan/Ohio
Hosted by: Eastern Michigan University & CSSIA
Duration: 1 week
** Job Duties: Assist with coordinating of events that took place for the competition at EMU. Design schedules, program guide, certificates and trophies. Assist with conference calls, photography, and host for international guests.