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FileZilla Mini-Guide

The EMU SSH Suite consists of two free tools for Windows. You probably don't use PuTTY, the secure terminal application, very often. In fact, most people never need it. But you may find FileZilla, the secure file transfer application, very useful.

FileZilla is used to transfer files between a Windows workstation and a host, or server, using the SFTP (Secure FTP) protocol. EMU has chosen the SFTP to replace the FTP protocol.

Installing FileZilla

Start by downloading the EMU SSH Suite. Save the setup.exe on your desktop.

Launch the installer by double-clicking the setup.exe file on your desktop. After your agree to the licensing terms, you will be given some options. Check the hosts you know you have access to, and click Install to begin the installation.

After the installation is complete, click Close to quit. You may then remove the setup.exe file from your desktop.

Using FileZilla

Start FileZilla by double-clicking shortcut on your desktop, or by selecting it from the Start Menu (Start > Programs > EMU SSH Suite > FileZilla).

To connect to a host, select the host from the Site Manager window, enter your username in the User field using only lowercase letters and click Connect.

Enter your password when asked. If after 10 or 15 seconds the Remote Site side of the window remains blank, your username and password were not accepted. Select Site Manager from the File menu, and try again.

Once you are connected, you may upload and download files. To upload a file or files, you can drag them from your computer to the Remote Site area.

To download a file or files, drag them from the Remote Site to the Local Site. Unfortunately, you cannot drag them directly to your desktop.

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