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Thomas Krawford 


A Little About Me


Although I was born in Chicago, home for me is Michigan.  
My Father was in the 

Army, so we moved around a great deal while growing up. Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti were my favorite places so I wound up back here after leaving the Marine Corp.

I love music, but I can't read. I'm good at it though.. I am almost finished with my studies and when I graduate I hope to teach English and  Literature as a problem  solving skill in looking at old things in new ways.

My Teaching Philosophy

I want to teach because for me, teaching is the best way to learn and there are
 quite a few things I don't know. So, I teach. My main objective is to be professional and to do no harm. I think students learn best when they  believe knowledge is an attainable goal. Overall, I'd like to integrate technology into my instruction as a tool for critical reading, writing and understanding an ever changing world.

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

Here are a few  links to some helpful information  for Parents and Students. Click and let me know if you find anything useful.

Technology Tip

If it can be a dream, it can be done...

                                                     my Grandfather from a long, long time ago...

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My EDMT Class Work

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  Media Literacy Example 1