Internships in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, are the heartbeat of our children's programs.
Eagle Condor

Interns provide important stepping-stones for children to gain self-reliance, which includes mentoring in after-school study session, FAMA training, teaching English and individualized projects based on skills and internship requirements.


  1. Encouraging and Enhancing Education: Children in our programs receive a daily meal in exchange for attending school. Most of the children would otherwise be on the street, or tending siblings. Interns give the extra boost to learn a subject, read a book, and make learning applicable.
  2. Observing, Recognizing and Highlighting Individual Talents or Skills: Interns are asked to focus on one or two students who show promise in “some” area and nurture that skill or talent.
  3. Healthy Habits: Interns model patterns of good hygiene and find ways to help children created their own healthy habits.

Advantages of Eagle Condor Internship:

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