Medical Expeditions

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In 2005, the vision of Eagle Condor Humanitarian and Dr. Brent & Amy Felix orthopedic surgeon from Salt Lake City, Utah hearts aligned together to pursue medical help to Peru.


  1. To date, there has been 415 total people, who have participated in the 30 expeditions developed by Dr. Felix’s and Eagle Condor’s vision
  2. Eagle Condor works with Innovasis, INC Spine Company in Salt Lake City.
  3. Innovasis has provided all the implant hardware for the surgeries.

We make an impact :

To date, (11 years) after 30 expeditions to Peru and the following cities of Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and Piura,the American surgeons have completed 249 surgeries with no major complications.

Those interested in being involved are invited to contact Eagle Condor Medical Liaison or Innovasis, Spine, Inc. for further information.

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