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OMG! How to sum up one's life up in a paragraph about me? My favorite star is Alnilam-- a blue super giant in Orion's belt. Since 1943, the spectrum of the star has been one of the comparison points for the classification of other stars. I look for reds and yellows in the landscape because they make photographic compositions work. In my opinion, calculus II is where math gets really interesting, but trigonometry is gorgeous. I once sat in the British National Gallery waiting for a lecture on "The Bathers" to hear about "The Bathers" by Monet. Someone within the gallery mistakenly set up the chairs in front of the wrong painting and the lecture was about Seurat's "The Bathers". When everyone was asked to move their chairs, I gave mine up and continued to study the Monet. It is now among my favorite paintings. Best Batman? Jeepers. Christian Bale for intensity, but Michael Keaton for absolutely defining where Batman would go for the next more than two decades. I read "Watchmen" when it came out. Don't speak to me of any Star Wars movie released between 1999 and 2005. I once insulted George R.R. Martin, but he is a really nice guy despite that he kills all his characters. I like Crowley. Can we get a bumper sticker for that? When I am happy I listen to Irish fiddle music. Sometimes, I sing along in the car to the Foo Fighers or Aerosmith or Santana or Madeleine Peyroux or Tracy Chapman or Sonia Dada or ... well a lot of artists. When I am sad I listen to Irish fiddle music. I have a haiku habit.

You can write haiku

about anything if you

work at it enough.

I often have overdue library books and the decision of whether to buy more shelves or get rid of books looms constantly. I have not been coding for long-- only a few years. There is so much to learn. My fortune cookie for September 17, 2016 was: "Digital circuits are made from analog parts."

My One Class-- I am only taking one this semester:

Here is a table giving information about the class I am taking:

Course NumberDays of the WeekStart TimeFinish TimeInstructorRoom
COSC 231MW7:20pm9:10pmProfessor Eddie Gurnee520 Pray Harrold Hall
HTMLDOGTRSSvaraiblevariableThe InternetsHOME
GITHUBTRSSvaraiblevariableThe InternetsHOME

Four Things From My Five year Plan:

  1. Learn javascript, programming patterns, and data structures
  2. Complete a bachelors degree in Applied Computer Science with a math minor
  3. Develop all the skills to be a "full stack" developer
  4. Take graduate level coursework in mathematics and learn mathematical modeling
  5. Create and release open source educational software for use by teachers for administrative tasks and games for children to make learning concepts about politics, ecology, and economics fun

This is a picture of my row during class.

photo of left, 
		front row COSC231 Fall 2016

Link to 231 Folder

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