Opportunity for Service Groups

Group Volunteer with Fresh Start Clubhouse

Is your service group looking for a way to positively impact the lives of people living with mental illness? In addition to the other volunteer opportunities listed on our page, one of the best ways you can help us is by organizing a fundraiser to support our program.

Fresh Start is currently operated almost exclusively with Medicaid funds from a contract with Washtenaw County Community Mental Health (CMH). While we love partnering with CMH, this limits the people we can serve to people who are clients of CMH. There are lots of people living with mental illness in Washtenaw County (maybe you know some, maybe you are some) who would benefit from recovery services but who do not have Medicaid or receive services through CMH. We want to be able to serve them too!

Can your group organize a fundraiser for our benefit? Any amount helps. We've have fundraisers that brought in $300 and ones that brought in $1,300. Recently a student group raised nearly $30,000 to support our services. Can your group beat that? No, that's ok too!

One year of services for a member at Fresh Start costs approximately $6,000. In comparison, one week in the behavioral health unit of a hospital is about $10,000. By helping people access Clubhouses we can reduce hospital stays, saving lives and taxpayer money.

We'd love to have you tour our community so you can see if our program is one you'd like to support. Email Summer at sberman@freshstartclubhouse.org with questions or to set up a tour.



2051 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104/
Second floor - stairs and elevator available. Parking on-site.

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