EDMT 330: class webpage for preservice teachers

My name is Audrey Converse.

My dog, Bear and I, dressed up for Halloween in 2009.

a little about me

I'm a senior at EMU and commute to Ypsilanti from Brighton, my home town.  When I graduate, I hope to teach seveneth, ninth or tenth grade English and Language arts.  I'm a strong reader and writer, which has helped to propel me in the field of teaching.  In my spare time, I read, write, play video games, spend too much time on the computer and hang out with all of the important pooches in my life.

my teaching philosophy   

I want to be a teacher so that I can make literature and writing less daunting and more accessible for students who don't necessarily excel in those areas.  My objectives are to bring literature and writing exercises into the classroom that are more age appropriate for my students than some of the classics emphasized as being important today.  

Students learn best by taking part in the teaching and learning process and experiencing a sense of ownership about what they are learning.  Activity-based instruction that doesn't have me (the teacher) at the center is typically more effective for a great majority of students.  Allowing students to use technology to create examples of their knowledge and abilities is just one way to make this happen.

Technology, in general, is a tool, just like any other, and if used properly can do an immense amount of good.  Students can use technology and the art forms it offers to express themselves and communicate their own ideas.  Technology can also be used to facilitate a dialoge between teacher and student and teacher and parents, and this connection is absolutely invaluable.

helpful information for parents and students       

Michigan eLibrary includes educational articles and online activities to facilitate learning at home.

The Michigan Department of Education has an entire section of links just for you and your K-12 student.

The Michigan Department of Education website provides information on opportunities outside the classroom.

The Michigan Department of Education website provides information on higher learning.

technology tip

Don't lose your school work!  Create a folder on your family computer for your student's school work and be sure to back everything up using an external hard drive, USB storage device, etc.

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