Extra-Credit Opportunities

Office Hours Visit: Your first visit to my office hours with a course-related inquiry, such as to get guidance on homework, discuss readings lately covered, or brainstorm essay ideas, is worth extra credit. My office is 603j Pray Harrold Hall, and the hours are Tues 1:45–2:00 PM and Thurs 1:45–5:30 PM. (up to 10 points)

You can also do up to TWO of the following to augment your grade in the class:

       Response on a Short Story: the story must be located in the 40 Short Stories anthology, but not assigned as reading for the course (search the schedule to be sure).  You can discuss some of the literary techniques that the author employs and/or compare and contrast a story to one of the other stories covered in class.(up to 20 points)

       Response on a Relevant Film or Current Event: If you are reminded of issues addressed in this course outside of class, feel free to explore those thoughts more deeply in a response.  For instance, if some film or current event of especial interest to you seems reminiscent of the fiction covered in this course, you can write a response to build bridges between the concerns of this class and those of your ordinary life. Likewise you can compare and contrast, a film adaption with one of the authors of a story that we have covered in class with—for example, The Joy Luck Club or The Color Purple in the case of Amy Tan or Alice Walker respectively.  (up to 20 points)

       Peer-Review of a Comparison-Contrast Essay: It would be a good idea to exchange papers with another student in the class to peer review his or her essay and have your own essay reviewed in turn.  See the Peer Editing Rubric (http://people.emich.edu/acoykenda/rubric) for guidelines on how to approach the review and document your work, and then email your answers both to the peer and myself (abbcoy@gmail.com).  It would be helpful to review this handout even if you do not plan to partake in peer review.  (up to 15 points)

       Response on the Conjectural Response: After I return the conjectural responses at the end of the term, you can write a response on that response, discussing the extent to which your initial expectations and ideas about fiction were (or were not) confirmed by that which you read for this course, taking into account how your appreciation and/or understanding of fiction has changed (or not changed) since the beginning of the term.  (up to 20 points)

Other Extra CreditIn addition to (or instead of) the extra-credit responses described above, you can do an extension of the comparison-contrast essay to seven full pages properly formatted (2100 words).  I will then do one of two things, depending on which most benefits you: either drop an absence, should you have one too many, or increase your final grade by 3%.