Examples of MLA Formatting:

Make a decent attempt to format papers according to MLA conventions—not obsessively so but generally so.  For basic guidelines on research and documentation, see Researching Literature, the Sample Essay File, and MLA style guides online or in the Electronic Reserves. 

Insert parenthetical citations at the end of sentences with the page number, as well as the author’s last name if not already specified in the sentence, for example (Marx 55) or (55).  That name needs to correspond to a source listed alphabetically by name in the Works Cited page.  Also disclose when quotes are taken secondhand from a third party, not from the original author (qtd. in Nelmes 55).  Use abbreviated titles for anonymous works or for multiple works by the same author (Capital 55) or (Marx, Capital 55). 

You can model the Works Cited page on the hypothetical citations below, but make sure to start a new page titled Works Cited (Cntl+Enter), alphabetize the entries, use hanging indentions (so names stand out), and double space.  The descriptions (books, journals, etc.) are unnecessary and are used here only for the sake of illustration.



Gillespie, Paula.  The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring.  Boston: Stanford UP, 2000.

Journal Articles:

Duvall, John N. “The (Super)Marketplace of Images: Television as Unmediated Mediation in DeLillo’s White Noise.”  Arizona Quarterly 50.3 (1994): 127-53.

Journal Articles Found through a Database:

Johnson, Kirk.  “The Mountain Lions of Michigan.”  Endangered Species Update 19.2 (2002): 27-45.  Expanded Academic Index.  Halle Lib., Ypsilanti, MI. 26 Nov. 2002.  <http://infotrac.galegroup.com>.

Chapters from an Anthology or Collection:

Freud, Sigmund.  “Medusa’s Head.”  Critical Tradition: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends.  Ed. David Richter.  Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007.  1109-11.

Film or Video:

Mean Girls. Dir. Mark S. Waters. Perf. Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Tina Fey. Paramount, 2004.

Cross-listing to an Anthology:

Kristeva, Julia.  “Powers of Horror.”  Richter 1666-78.

Richter, David H., ed. Critical Tradition: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends.  Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007.

Work from the Electronic Reserves (or Other Website):

Haffe, Joquest, and Melissa Smith.  “Bioethics: A Third World Issue.”  Eastern Michigan University Electronic Reserves.  15 Dec. 2007 <http://reserves.emich.edu/eres/view.aspx?=28228>.