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Amy Glanzman

A Little About Me

     I'm a second year senior here at Eastern. I'm an education major, with a

focus in history, and my minor is psych.  This is my last semester before I

student teach, and I can't wait for January.

    I live here in Ypsi with two roommates, just off campus. I was

born in Toledo, Ohio, and most of my family is still there. I have

two younger sisters, one in college, one still in high school.  My

favorite thing to do is sit down with a good book, but I also enjoy

watching movies and spending time with people I care about.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that all learning should contribute to personal growth; the point of getting an education is not to learn things just to learn them. It is about learning things and being able to apply them to better oneself and the world around them. Communication between the teacher and the student is important in the formation of trusting relationships and the creation of a safe classroom environment. I am very firm about viewing my students not just as learners, but also in their other roles: that of daughter or son, sibling, friend, or team member.
          Technology is an important part of learning in today's society.  The classroom is a very different place with the invention and common usage of computers and other forms of communication.  I plan to incorporate technology into my classroom as much as possible so that my students are familiar and comfortable with it.  Also, I plan to use email to stay in contact with parents as another way to keep them involved in their child's activities and education.

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

Type information or create links to information that you think will support your students' learning and/or help thier parents/guardians to assist their children with homework.

Technology Tip

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My EDMT Class Work

Internet Scavenger Hunt
Answer Key
PowerPoint Presentation
Tellecollaborative Lesson Plan
Concept Map
Ethical Dilemma Handout
Web Evaluation
Assessment Questions
Midterm Reflection
Instructional Video PowerPoint
Instructional Video Handout
Emerging Technology PowerPoint-Pyramid Tour
Emerging Technology PowerPoint-Frog Dissection
Group Assistive Technology Presentation
Excel Practice