April Glynn
Technology and Teaching Portfolio

Description of Standard Reflection and Example

Standard 1:
Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and learning
and technology to facilitate experiences that advance student
learning, creativity, and innovation. In both face-to-face
and virtual environments.
Standard 1 talks about using technology to enhance student learning and creativity and
is an introduction to using technology for teaching and learning. EDMT 330 showed me
that there are a lot of good resources and tools out there for teachers to use. I didn't realize
how many online programs there were for teachers to take advantage of and what great
teaching tools they are. I have used some of the programs we used in EDMT 330
before such as excel and powerpoint but I had never even heard of Kompozer or
moodle and I found them to be really helpful and interesting. I can definitely see
myself using these tools in my future class. I think that every
program we worked with in EDMT will help me as a future teacher.
In todays technological world it is crucial to be current with
technology and finding out how it could be added into
the daily curriculum was very helpful to me. I enjoyed using
new programs I had never used before, such as Kompozer.
 Here is an example of the website 
I made in EDMT using Kompozer. AnimalsProject

Standard 2:
Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments-
Teachers design, develop, and evaluate authentic learning experiences
and assessments incorporating contemporary tools and resources to
maximize content learning in context and to develop the knowledge,
skills, and attitudes identified in the NETS-S.
Standard 2 talks about developing technology-enriched learning environments and
assessments. It is important to not only design learning experiences that push students
to learn and explore, but also to assess that learning. As a teacher it is important to know
exactly what your students are learning and to figure out different ways of assessing
that learning. In EDMT 330 I learned a lot about assessment and just how beneficial
it is not only for the students but for the teacher as well. I learned that there are many
different ways to assess students learning through technology and one of the ways
that I found to be useful was through online scavenger hunts. I felt it was a good
way for students to be able to do research and for the teacher to see just how
much they learned and gained from the experience. Another good assessment tool
that we used in EDMT was a reflection about tools that we used in our moodle
assignment. In my paper I talked about scavenger hunts, threaded discussions, and
and a collaborative writing project which was used to assess student learning.
 Part 1 Tools
Standard 3:
Model digital-age work and learning-
Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of
an innovative professional in a global and digital society.
Before coming into EDMT 330 I thought that I had a good handle on technology and
how it was used in the classroom. What I eventually found out through taking the class
was just how much I still had to learn. There were so many programs that we used
in this class that I had no idea was available to teachers but I am so glad that I now know
are available. It is important to always be updating your knowledge when it comes to
technology because we live in a tech savy world now and todays students will have
grown up using technology. It is important to keep up with them but not overwhelm them.
I liked how we started off the class using programs that most people are familiar with. Here is
an example of the class web page I designed. Class Web Page
and also the powerpoint that I designed PowerPoint

Standard 4:
Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility-
Teachers understand local and global societal issues and
responsibilities in an evolving digital culture and exhibit
legal and ethical behavior in their professional
Standard 4 talks about teachers understanding local and global issues and their
professional responsibilites to teach students about ethical behavior when it comes
to using technology. This standard also talks about promoting and modeling digital
ettiquette and responsible social interactions relating to technology. This is very important
in todays society because it is so easy to plagiarize without even knowing it, especially for
children who don't know that you cannot just cut and paste something from the internet and
use it without giving credit. Before taking this class I didn't realize how many ways there
were to plagiarize without even knowing it. When we had the plagiarizism discussion I
really enjoyed reading everyones comments and ideas about what to do when a
child in your class plagiarizes or what counts as plagiarizing. Here is a link to that
discussion thread.

Standard 5:
Engage in professional growth and leadership-
Teachers continuously improve in their
professional practice, model lifelong learning, and
exhibit leadership in their school and professional
community by promoting and demonstrating
the effective use of digital tools and resources.
Standard 5 talks about exhibiting leadership and professional growth and how teachers are always having to improve and
expand on their learning. The world around us changes so much and their is so much that is being discovered that it is
important for teachers to always be expanding their knowledge and learning all they can to keep up with the constantly
changing world. This is especially true with technology as it seems there is something new coming out every day. In this
lifetime the students of today have grown up using computers and technology so it is important for teachers to be able to keep
up with them and learn with them. For this section I chose to put in the cooperative lesson I made because it is a lesson
that shows how to fuse technology with a history lesson. Cooperative Lesson
A lot of children coming into the school systems are now visual learners instead of auditory as they were ten or fifteen years ago.
This is mainly to do with the students growing up with technology, which means that adding technology into your lesson plans
can be very beneficial in gaining the students attention and in helping them to understand and learn the content.
Standard 6:
Participate and reflect on, and demonstrate the
ability to create and facilitate learning in
collaborative online learning experiences.
 For the last part of my portfolio I chose the moodle reflection because it details how I percieved the moodle online
learning expeience. I had never experienced moodle before and the only thing that I had ever done that was close
to moodle was taking an online course. I had never made one before but I found it to be very eye opening and
I started realizing just how much you can fuse technology into any lesson. I enjoyed taking my other classmates
online learning modules and getting to experience lessons of all subjects fused with technology. I think that this
experience will help me to be a better teacher because it allowed me to experience and work with a lot of
programs that were foreign to me. It is important as a teacher to have as many new experiences as possible so that I can
always be adapting my curriculum to fit the needs of my students.
Moodle Reflection