Scavenger Hunt


Art and Architecture in Berlin



Instructions: For the last two weeks you have learned about the city of Berlin and its history. You have explored Berlin’s art and architecture by using hypermedia. Now it is time to take a virtual trip to this fascinating city. Take the following steps and you will have “visited” all the places you have been reading about.


1.) Go to   


2.) Here you can see a panorama picture of Berlin’s city center. To navigate the site click on the “to the left” or “to the right” buttons.

When clicking on the pictures, hold the left mouse key to move around and change views.



3.) Answer the following five questions!



I.                    Compare and contrast this panorama picture of Berlin’s city center with the city that you live in. Name three similarities and three differences you observe.










II.                  Visit the east of the city. Click on Chinese Garden in Berlin Marzahn. In two or three sentences, propose some reasons why people might want to incorporate elements of „foreign cultures“ into their cityscapes.










III.                Visit the southeast of the city. Click on Pariser Platz.

Looking at the Brandenburger Gate, on the left there is an empty space. This is going to be the future site of the American embassy in Berlin.

Knowing what you have learned about Berlin’s history, why would the United States choose this location?










    IV.       Visit the south of the city. Click on The new Potsdamer Platz.

         Write one good argument for and one good argument against                      

         investing money into a huge building project like this. Finally,

         which argument better represents your personal view?











V.                 Visit the west of the city. Click on Grunewald Forest.  

Read the text next to the picture.

Why did the city preserve this forest at the beginning of the 20th century? Do you agree or disagree with this reasoning?

Think of local debates that have been going on in your neighborhood/city/county/state (e.g. Ann Arbor Green Belt, etc).