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Strand Three: Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum

Teachers implement curriculum plans that include methods and strategies for applying technology to maximize student learning.

A. Facilitate technology enhanced experiences that address content standards and student technology standards.
B. Use technology to support learner centered strategies that address the diverse needs of students.
C. Apply technology to develop students' higher order skills and creativity.
D. Manage student learning activities in a technology enhanced environment.

Level attained: Proficient: consistent, appropriate application, a solid performance

Response:  Students have many benefits from using technology.  They often have many more options in a classroom.  They can use creativity to come up with different ways to do an activity.  An example is if the students were given the assignment to do an anti drug campaign.  They can use media to do a PSA, role play, pamphlets, posters, and many more options.  This does not leave the student limited to one way and also helps keep their interest by letting them chose which one they want to do.  Students also have the ability to create something that is more organized and long lasting.  We did this in class when we made a video.  This was much more exciting that listening to a lecture about the subject in class or by reading about it in the text book.  We also showed this in our hypermedia lessons.  One thing that i really liked about that was the activity that was involved with the lesson.  The activity was an interactive food guide pyramid.  It was a lot more exciting putting the foods in the pyramid than to just look at a picture of it.

Hypermedia Presentation
Hypermedia Lesson