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Strand Six Social, Ethical, Legal and Human Issues

Teachers understand the social, ethical, legal, and human issues surrounding the use of technology in K-12 schools and apply those principles in practice

A. Model and teach legal and ethical practice related to technology use.
B. Apply technology resources to enable and empower learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities.
C. Identify and use technology resources that affirm diversity.
D. Promote safe and healthy use of technology resources.
E. Facilitate equitable access to technology resources for all students.

Level attained: Proficient: consistent, appropriate application, a solid performance

Response:  With all the problems today with technology, it is always important to model correct and ethical behavior.  As a teacher the students follow in the same directions, and they realize what is right and wrong, and also what they may be able to get away with if the teacher does it.  A teacher must always model the behavior that they would expect from their students.  There are many issues that come up, such as hacking, duplicating software, or plagiarizing.  Teachers must always be aware of these issues and be ready to deal with them if it happens.  I believe this is one of the most important things to remember when teaching a class.  Students will do the same things that the teacher is doing.  Along with those examples, it is also important to always use equipment safely and demonstrate this behavior in class.  It is also important to keep the environment safe and comfortable for the students.  No student should feel at risk from either the teacher or a peer.