My Skill Set:

I am very skilled in Autodesk 3DS-Max and Maya. I can model hard surfaced objects like vehicles and also organic objects like humans and creatures.

I also have a great grasp on Adobe Photoshop to be able to add life like textures on models.

I can design websites in HTML and Adobe Dreamweaver too.

Right now I am lerning ZBrush and Houdini 3D to be able to sculpt and animate any object.

Sample Renders:





I consider myself a designer, animator, and simulator. Creating things in a 3D world has always been a passion of mine. I love starting with almost nothing and then creating life like models of anything. I am very versitile in many different applications of 3D and 2D software and I am an extremely fast learner. Once I graduate with a degree in Simualtion, Animation, and Gaming, I hope to secure a job in an industry that can use my talents to the fullest. Whether it is working with scientific simulaiton, pos production in the movies industry, and even making video games. I love what I do and I put my passion in to my work. Take a look at the rest of my site to see what I am all about!