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Amanda Riser.

A Little About Me

I am originally from Ypsilanti, Michigan and moved to Saline, Michigan when I was seven years old.  I love to draw, paint, sketch, basically anything related to art I love to do.  My artwork was published in Huron River Review Magazine two years ago.  I am also on a bowling league with my parents and my boyfriend on Sunday nights.

I am a year away from graduation and when I begin teaching I really want to teach art or language arts.  My target grade to teach is fourth grade.  

My Teaching Philosophy

I want to become a teacher because I love kids and I couldn't really picture myself doing somehting else.  My objective as a teacher are to help my students in the classroom and help them leave with the tools they will need for the future.  

I believe that each student has their own and unique way of learning and no two students learn exactly the same way.  As a teacher my goal is to incorporate as many learning styles as I can inot my curriculum and teaching.  

Technology is an important tool for students.  However it can also be a dangerous and sometimes innaporpriate source.  I want to teach my students how to efefctively and safely utilize this resource.

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

Here are some important links and resources for both students and parents:
History detectives kids
Kiddy House - Information on Cinco de Mayo
Science with me

Technology Tip

It can be a jungle out there in cyberspace.  Always look before you leap and give thanks when you use someone's work and information.

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