Math 319

Video Analysis lesson plan

HiMCM: Rental cars cheaper for long trips?

Bed-net policy optimization

Classroom swaps at EMU

Level Scheduling for Parts Delivery inside a Factory

MCM: Fire station location optimization

A Final Exam for Math 319

Optimal Pricing from Demand Data

JPEGs and Sine/Cosine Regression

Effect of the Salary Cap on the NHL

Chess Rating Systems

Lesson Plan on Regression

Excel Regression Bug

Rats that can smell tuberculosis

Team Scheduling in the Great Lakes Relay

Balancing Team Assignments in an Amateur Soccer League

Facility Location problem for the military

Automated Goal Detection in Soccer

Automated Heart Rate Measurement from ECG data

Automotive catalyst performance regression

Call Center Staffing

Clusters of Vaccine Refusal

Conference scheduling with integer programming

Ecological Fallacy in Regression lesson plan

Firefighter time-of-day demand curves

Handicap analysis in the game of Go

High School Dropout Data

Hydraulic hybrid garbage trucks?

Lesson plan on choosing functional forms

Linear Regression Lesson Plan (Algebra 2)

Maximum Traffic Flow through various systems

MEAP scores: improvement in time and demographics

Multiserver Retrial Queueing Systems

Non-Profit Payday Loans

Ranking Systems in Sports

Regression to find a non-ideal gas law

Snow Day Policies

Success/Relapse Rates for Alcoholics, Maintaining Abstinence

The Effects on Bead Height in Arc Welding

Pharmacokinetics and fractional dosing

Airplane rental utilization

Principle Component Analysis

Heuristics for the Travelling Salesperson Problem

Lesson plan on the Distance Formula

Modeling the consumption of a non-renewable resource (coal)

Lesson plan on Linear Programming

Degree distribution of nodes in a Minimum Spanning Tree

Distributions of city locations

Waiting times in an appointment-based queue

Markowitz Portfolio Selection

Elevator scheduling methods

Improving the NFL Draft

Fighting Jet Lag in Hockey scheduling

Getting Off the Grid: Solar and Wind for one house

Lesson plan on using functions to model data

Modeling the global spread of an infectious disease

Stereo Selectivity in aza/Cope-Mannich reactions

EMU Track Team selection for a MAC tournament

Lower prices for Friday classes?

Best Fast Foods: Data Envelopment Analysis

Gender and Grades in EMU math classes

Solar power correlations

Fantasy Football team selection

Class sizes vs. grades at EMU

Predicting section enrollments at EMU

AATA bus on-time performance

The EMU Parking Structure

World Cup Soccer predictions

Business Cycle Length Analysis

Demand at the EMU Math Tutoring service

Scheduling tutor meetings at the EMU Holman Learning Center

Predicting the Cy Young award winner

Advising appointments vs. walk-ins at Jackson Community College

Advanced Access appointments at a dentist's office

Lung Cancer and Air Pollution

Bus scheduling at the U of M

Pharmacokinetics of Vicodin

Acquiring Free Agent Talent in a Salary Cap NHL

Hubble Deep Field: is it a 2-d Poisson Process?

Lesson plan on logs

Correlations in Solar Power Data

Who wrote the original Faust?

Simulating who will win a baseball game

NFL Expansion draft tactics

Pricing and Production for Baked Goods at a Farm Stand

Circadian advantage in Baseball: flying west vs flying east

Predicting a Rat Plague (Mautam) in eastern India

Crater growth underneath a rocket plume 

Bus demand at the U of M

Choosing players in a fantasy football draft

Paired Kidney Donation policies

Retail location models

Acceleration in an uncomfortable airline flight

Optimal school closings in a district that is losing population

Modeling the Keeling Curve data for atmospheric CO2

Google Trends vs Mainstream media

Finding the center of an amphitheater

Conference scheduling by Linear Program

Hourly temperature data for 3 years

Optimizing player selection for a college football team

IT Support: Deducing service durations from start/end data

Optimal spacing and fertilizer amounts for strawberries

Loss Prevention at a major retailer

Express computers in the Pray-Harrold 3rd floor computer lab?

NHL standings at the end of the season vs. postseason wins

Traffic light timing by realtime reactive policies 

Demand for sandwich meat at an on-campus shop

Wisconsin food stamp program

Demand at the U of M Media Center print shop

Harmonics of Guitars

Stocker productivity at Meijer

Pizza delivery

Lesson plan on graphing

NFL Quarterback rankings

Scheduling surgeries in operating rooms

Lifecycle curves for online games

Solving the Sudoku-like Hidato puzzle

Demand on computer networks

Graphical understanding of queueing performance

Entering GPAs of EMU grad school applicants

Optimal fantasy football teams

Demand and staffing at a restaurant

Optimal assignment of swimmers to events

Lesson plan on linear programming

Automated appraising of real estate

Demand and staffing at a restaurant

Party Optimization for Low-Level Games in Final Fantasy VI

Detecting Cheating in Euchre

Reducing waste and seams when laying carpet

Optimized matching for live kidney donation

Optimizing swimmer/event assignments

Leontief Input-Output analysis with cross-sector pollution effects

Wildlife management policies and predator-prey models

Pharmacokinetics of Acetaminophen dosing

Fitting predator-prey models to data

Driving distance vs. Euclidean or Taxicab distance

Detecting Art Forgeries

De-icing at Detroit Metro Airport

Optimal allocation of character points in an on-line game

Lanchester combat models

Iterated Function Systems (Fractals)

Fitting predator-prey models to data

Lesson plan for linear regression

Optimal location for a business

Species and Duration selection at a Tree Farm

Fitting Carrying-Capacity models to data

Linear Regression from L1 to L-infinity

Using Untraditional Statistics to Find Baseball Bargains

The Application of Round Robin Tournament Scheduling in Creating the NFL Football Schedule

Modeling a Pizza Delivery System

Ypsi Fighting Chickens: A Small Market Major League Baseball Team

Predator-Prey Modeling Using the Steller Seal Dilemma

Staffing policies at EMU Tech Support

Modeling SEEUS Walking Groups

Planning a Backpacking Menu Using Linear Programming

Traveling Salesman Problem for a High School Classroom

Modeling a Cantilever Using Differentiation

EMU Forensics Funding Budget Analysis