Math 419/592

An Analysis of Demand Data at the Canton Public Library

Staffing at the Math Tutoring Center at EMU

Staffing at the EMU SEEUS safety service

Minimum-variance Discrete phase-type distributions

The Spread of HIV under the new CDC testing recommendations

Lesson plan: Newsvendor models

Win-By-Two rules in sports via a Markov chain

Google's PageRank and Link Farms

Life Tables: Interpretation and Construction

Markov Chains for Coronary Health prediction

Multiserver Queues in Discrete Time

Markov modeling of depression case management

Queues for Bus Stops

Queueing Theory Applied in Emergency Department Setting

4 Forecasting methods applied to weather data

Multi-day dependence in weather data

Modeling Effort and Performance in Sports Scoring Systems: Max vs. Avg

Reading Books as a Renewal Process

Optimal Strategy for the game show "1 vs. 100"

Simulation of Forest Fires

Policies for the Multi-Armed Bandit problem

Corn Field Fertilizer: a Markov Decision Process

Comparison of the prediction of Tornadic Activity

Collateral Debt Obligation: pricing using simulation

Crime distribution in Battle Creek

Is Mega Millions Random? 

Queueing Models of Adoption Agencies

Fraud Detection Utilizing Naive Bayes Classifier

Inventory Models with Unreliable Suppliers: Distribution sensitivity

Solar Power correlations on sub-day time intervals

Inventory and Ordering Policies at a major bookseller

Do Stock Prices follow Geometric Brownian Motion?

Predicting Section Enrollments in EMU Math classes

Approximations to Brownian-Motion-like processes

Calculating the probability of an insurance company going broke ("Insurance Ruin")

Reversals of the Earth's Magnetic Field: a renewal process?

Repeating a grade vs. the risk of dropping out of high school

Tactics in the sport of Curling

Nonlinear versions of the Capital Asset Pricing Model

Constructing Levy processes using Wavelets

Multiserver Retrial Queues and variance so low it's illegal

MEAP Score trends

Student performance in South Carolina

Production Scheduling in a Metalworking Job Shop

Paying truckers to sit around: queueing at a loading dock

Processor-sharing queues for retail research queries

Beating the Banker in Online Deal-Or-No-Deal

Life Table construction (incl. a very short movie?)

Finding Fraudulent Car Insurance Claims

Stock Price Data Analysis

Generating Brownian Motion (and other stuff we don't even know what it is) via Wavelets

Negative Probabilities