Math 560

Scheduling classes, teachers, and rooms

Gunshot, or not?

Optimal control of Inflation and Unemployment after a shock

Ant-Colony Optimization

Degree Distribution in Network-Design problems

Geographic Set Covering problems

Heuristics for the TSP in Matlab

Cancer Radiation Therapy Planning: open- vs closed-loop

Generalized Convexity Illustrated

Performance prediction in EMU math classes via Neural Nets

Stochastic Programming for Portfolio Selection

Approximations for Travelling Salesman Problem route length

Optimal dispatch of Compressed-Air Energy Systems for Solar power

Predicting the Baseball MVP award

Heuristics for the TSP in Matlab

Cancer Radiation Therapy Planning

Dynamic Stock Portfolio Selection

Assigning Players to Teams to Maximize Balance

Circle Fitting

Classification of Brachiopod Fossils into Layers

Engine Speed Prediction

Insurance Fraud Detection via Logistic Regression

Optimal Control of Inflation and Unemployment via Goverment Expenditures

Optimal Filter Design in Audio Production

Optimizing the sensing matrix in compressive sensing

Partitioning: The Easiest Hard Problem

Planning for Pumped-Storage Use

Response Surface Methodology

Rolling Horizon Purchasing/Inventory with Non-Constant Prices

Routing with Penalty Zones

Signal Recovery via Compressive Sensing for radar images with RFI removed

Support Vector Machines for Insurance Fraud Classification

Weighted Shortest Route between Two Points: Calculus of Variations, etc.

Minimize edge length with fixed volume: Melzak's Problem

Graph Coloring problems

Train Acceleration Optimization

Decision Tree optimization

Routing Airplanes to Avoid Collisions

Neural Networks for Classification

Markowitz Portfolio Optimization, cubed!

Steiner tree optimization

Packing a Box full of Books

Sensitivity Analysis vs Stochastic Programming vs Robust Programming

Partitioning a Social Network: Fiedler Vector, Spectral Graph Theory

Designing an Occulting Telescope to Image Extrasolar Planets

Ant-Colony Optimization