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This is me!

                                               Alex Schukow

A Little About Me

I grew up in Saline, Michigan.  In fact, I have spent my entire life, thus far, living in the same house. I enjoy playing football and baseball.  I also enjoy coaching youth football and youth baseball.  My other interests include working out and hanging out with my friends.  When I was in high school I loved creating artwork, but when I entered college my life got too busy and I stopped.  I hope to one day get back into creating art.  I am good at a couple of things.  First, I love to eat!!!  I am also good at football and science.  When I graduate, I hope to be a high school biology teacher. However, as long as I am teaching, I am happy so it doesn't matter what I teach. Currently, I am a senior at Eastern Michigan University and I hope to be graduated in April of 2009. 

My Teaching Philosophy

I want to be a teacher for several reasons.  First, my mother is a teacher and I have seen how much she loves her job. Second, I have been teaching students through youth sports for a couple of years now and I have absolutely loved it.  I cherish the idea that I can have a powerful, positive impact on the minds of students.  I want to be a teacher to help shape the youth of tomorrow.  As a teacher, I want to teach my students about subject material, whether it is biology or chemistry.  However, I have much more important objectives as a teacher than simply teaching science.  I want to teach my students about life.  I hope that my students will leave my class with a great work ethic and a sense of what it means to be apart of a diverse community.  Aside from this, I also want to reach every student in my classroom.  I believe that every student learns a little bit differently.  Some students are kinesthetic learners and learn best while physically interacting with the subject material while others learn best by reading about the subject material and yet there are some learners who learn best by simply visualizing the subject material and having it explained to them.  As a teacher I will use a variety of teaching methods in each of my lessons to reach my visual, linguistic, and kinesthetic learners. I plan to use technology in several ways in my classroom.  I plan to have a class website where I can update my students and their parents about what was covered in class each day and about upcoming class assignments and events.  I also plan to use power point presentations to help explain subject material.  Using power point will help all of my students begin to visualize concepts, something that is crucial to student success in the physical sciences.  I will use technology as much as possible to aide my students in their learning.  I feel that technology is a valuable tool for teachers as long as they have justifiable reasons for using it.  I will only use technology to help teach subject material when I feel it is beneficial to my students.

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

Students, I have useful information that will help you in doing your homework this year.  First of all, start on your homework as early as possible.  It is never a good idea to procrastinate! Also, always take your book home with you when you are doing homework as your book will have valuable information in it that will help you complete any homework exercise.  If there are useful websites that can aide you for an assignment, I will tell you about these in class and post a link to them on the class website.  

Parents, I encourage you to help out your son/daughter with their homework if they need it.  However, I also encourage you to NOT do the homework for your child as it is their responsibility to complete the assignment.  It is very important that the work I receive is completed by my students as I use assignments to gage my students' learning.  If you look at an assignment and cannot figure out what I am looking for, please email as soon as possible and I will be more than happy to clarify any questions. Furthermore, if you child is struggling with a concept, please encourage them to come see me before or after school and I will be more than happy to help them out.

Technology Tip

In my many encounters with computers I have come to learn one technology tip that may help you when you are working with them.  When working with a computer, be patient!  When you click on a link or on a desktop icon, just click on it once or twice and then wait for the program to come up.  If the program takes a little while to come up, do NOT continue to click on the link thinking that the link will come up faster.  I have tried this before and all it does is slow the computer down and open up more windows that you really do not want open!  

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