Welcome to Amy's Page!!

All pictures are from Microsoft Clip Art, except the one of myself.
I decided to use a beach/ palm tree theme because I think they are beautiful and calming.

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Hello Everyone- WELCOME to my web page!! My name is Amy, most of my friends call me Aim.  I am a senior at EMU and I am going for my Elementary Education degree. My major is in Reading and my minor is in Early Childhood Education.  I have been teaching young children at a childcare center for about six years now and I love it there (view picture to the left). I am also currently in three classes for the Spring Semester. One of the classes is a technology class called EDMT 330: Instructional Applications of Media and Technology . This class has really helped me get all my ducks in a row with my technology skills. It has been very helpful to learn about the technology, such as the hypermedia powerpoint, that will help me keep my children involved and up to date with the media/technology aspects of learning.

This web page is designed to show how much I have learned in my EDMT 330 class and how I met the standards of technology for entry level teachers. Please check out the other Strands (located at the top of the page) to learn more about the skills I have developed.