Ali Wice

Things I like

  1. Crossfit
  2. It's a different workout every day.
    I've never done the same workout twice (unless I wanted to).

  3. Pinterest
  4. There are cool pictures to look at.

  5. Faceboook
  6. It helps me to keep in touch with people from all over the world.

  7. Japanese
  8. I have a minor in Japanese and studied abroad for a semester and LOVED it!

  9. Art
  10. I've been doing art all of my life.
    I like photography and graphic design the most.

  11. Food
  12. My favorite dessert place is the Spotted Cow

  13. Animals
  14. I love all animals, but horses are one of my favorites.

  15. TV
  16. In my busy schedule I like to catch up on the shows I miss on CouchTuner

  17. Playing sports
  18. Ran track through high school and a little in college.

  19. YouTube
  20. I can entertain myself for hours just watching videos or listening to music while I do other things.


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