Drawing 2D-molecules with m-Builder

To represent molecules in any one of three 2D drawings (Atom Sphere models, Ball & Stick models, and Electron Dot [Lewis] structures) you will be using a simple drawing Java applet called "m-builder". You can see how the program works in the following web site: m-builder .


If it does not run,come back to this page and download and install the free Java plug-in applet on your computer:

DownLoad Sun JRE plug-in

Here is what you will see and need to do when you get to the Sun Developer Network site:

A little further down you will see the link to download JRE 5.0 Update 6. (Or a later update version.) You do not want to download the JDK program.

Once downloaded you will have to open it up install on your computer. Please read the Installation Instructions, ReadMe and ReleaseNotes that are provided on this web page before you get started. Once downloaded you should be able to run m-builder.