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Author: Al Heezen and Bert Ramsay

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Chemical Formula Analysis

To “write” a chemical formula click on the element symbols found in the Periodic Table. Use the numeric keypad to the right of the Periodic Table to enter numbers or parentheses.

The four rows of the transition element series are found below the representative elements.

The lanthanide and actinide series follow in two rows.

Subscripting is handled automatically when a number follows an element symbol or right-parenthesis. (A number must not start with a decimal point: use 0.5 rather than .5)

Navigation Key Legend
<del / del>
delete symbol to left / right of cursor
clear the formula
<<< / >>>
Jump to start / end of formula
<- / ->
move left / right one symbol

Write the chemical formula in the space provided using the periodic table and keypad. For example, here is how the formula of aluminum sulfate would appear.

If you are satisfied with the formula you have written (CHEMiCALC will not tell you if this formula is “correct”), click on the button to complete the analysis:

The calculated formula weight (molar mass) and percentage composition is based on the constituent formula shown at the top of the window. (The constituent formula is determined by counting all of the elements present in the formula, which must therefore include the subscript number outside the parenthesis.)

When you have finished, you can close the “Analysis of Formula” window and proceed to the next analysis. It is also OK to have more than one analysis window open at the same time, so you can compare the analyses.

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