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Chinese Periodic Table Calculator

in Java*
Author: Al Heezen and Bert Ramsay
(This site is still in construction - so be patient if you like the thought. Go back to the home page for a bit of history on its creation.)

*(NOTE: If the Java applet required to run this calculator does not load within a short while, you may have to try one of the following options: When Internet Explorer is open, go to the Menu and select Tools, Internet Options, click on the Advanced tab, and then scroll down to Java (Sun), and be sure to check the box underneath "Use Java ..." Alternatively you may have to go to Sun.com and the Java download site (http://java.com/en/index.jsp) to download the free Java Plug-in reader.)

This calculator is is similar to the standard Western-language periodic table of the elements with 2 exceptions: The element symbols are displayed in Chinese characters, and you will find many elements with different property associations than found on conventional tables. Even if you can't read Chinese, you can still write a chemical formula or equation and complete a stoichiometric analysis. Jia you!

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