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Try the 2 Java versions of CHEMiCALC :

English version

Chinese version! (Historical background - see below)

A more extensive version, running under the Palm OS (c), includes the ability to run stoichiometry calculations (mass/mole and solution). The Windows version is no longer available. Please contact me for more information.The Palm OS version can be found under the CHEMiCALC listing distributed by Handango.com or PalmGear.com.

There is a bit more of a story behind the creation of the Chinese Periodic Table of the Elements. A short presentation was given at the National meeting of the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, California on March 29, 2004. This is not a definitive publication and may contain errors in fact and unacknowledged contributors. ACS presentation, March 29, 2004. At the ACS meeting in Philadelphia on August 25, 2004, I presented a talk that updates this work: "Early Chemical Education in China: the University of Pennsylvania Connection". PDF version of the two presentations is available but still undergoing revsions. Your suggestions appreciated.