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Howdy ya'll! My name is Brandon Russeau and I am a student at Eastern Michigan University. I am majoring in Computer Science and may possibly double major in Mathematics. I am a bit of a nerd. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and learning about pretty much anything. I also like to stay active whether it's lifting weights, playing sports, or just being out in nature.


Course Name Course Number Days Start Time End Time Teacher Room
Internet-based Computing COSC 231 TR 2:00pm 3:50pm Gurnee PH514
Algorithms & Data Structures COSC 311 MW 2:00pm 3:15pm Haynes PH306
Computer Organization II COSC 321 TR 5:30pm 6:45pm Zhang PH503
Calculus II MATH 121 MTWR 12:30pm 1:20pm Keller PH305
Math Structures for Comp Sci MATH 205 MTWR 11:00am 11:50am Schultz PH305