During the latter part of my high school career, I decided my “dream job” was to be a teacher. I cannot think of one specific event that caused me to want to be a teacher. It could have been the time I spent working with my younger sister on her homework. It might have been working with my class mates to help them better understand class material. Or maybe it was just the idea of getting to eat the delicious cafeteria food every day. I am not sure what it was that initially peaked my interest in education, but as I reflect now, it was these things and many more that have finally given me the motivation I so greatly needed to pursue teaching as a career.

It has taken me a long time to finally pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. I began my college journey at the community college level. It was there that I took a variety of courses to see what peaked my interest. After settling on and completing an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems at Monroe County Community College, I transferred to Eastern Michigan University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. Although I enjoyed the course work for both areas of study, my real world experience in those areas had left me dissatisfied. I desired a sense of purpose greater than the work my field could provide. That is when I discovered the Post-baccalaureate Teacher Certification and the Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology major at Eastern. This program has allowed me to still enjoy the many aspects of business while giving me the purpose that industry had lacked.

Teaching is a serious responsibility, one that I will not take lightly. This is a challenge that I am ready for. For me, it is more than just passing on information. Yes, the subject matter is necessary and important, but so is inspiring the students while teaching them. I will strive to instill a passion for learning during my time spent with students. I want all of my students to know that their success matters to me and that hard work is not just a part of school, but a part of life.