Brianna Wurtsmith

About Brianna

Brianna is a second bachelor's degree student at Eastern Michigan University, currently studying Applied Computer Science and Computer Information Systems.

Her first degree was a B.A. in psychology from the University of Chicago.
Brianna worked for 6 years at Google on a customer support team, loves working with people, and has a lot of customer-facing experience.

She's passionate about making technology that users love to use because she's seen first-hand how technology can make life easier for a business if it's done well.
Right now, her goal is to learn as much programming as she can and gain some real-world experience in the software development world.
Among her many extracurricular activities, Brianna loves reading fiction and throwing/attending literature-themed events.

She met her husband at a Wizard Rock concert, and after several happy years of planning book-themed parties with him, Brianna organized their most audacious event yet: their Harry Potter-themed wedding!