Writing 121

Course Rationale:
In Writing 121, EMU students develop the foundation for writing, research, and critical thinking strategies that they will use throughout their college careers and in the workplace. Writing is both a means of communication, and a tool for developing new ideas. Good writers are flexible. They know how to assess the expectations of a variety of audiences with whom they want to communicate and how to draw on or develop different writing strategies to meet those expectations. Good writers also understand that different kinds of writing have different conventions, and they can move fluidly between those conventions. Writing 121 students develop these strategies that are key to effective communication throughout the course. Students write between 50-70 pages of draft work and between 20-30 pages of polished, final-draft work during the course of the semester, and that work is supported and directed by frequent feedback from the instructor.

Course Documents:
Schedule (Homework Assignments and Due Dates)

WRTG 121 Outcomes
EMU General Education Outcomes

Required Texts:

The required texts for all Writing 121 students at EMU are customized versions only available through the EMU bookstore.

Losh, Elizabeth, Alexander, Johnathan, Cannon, Kevin and Cannon, Zander. Understanding Rhtetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2014. Print.

Lunsford, Andrea. Writing in Action Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2014. Print.

The two texts together cost $66. To buy the texts, either go to the EMU bookstore in person or EMU bookstore online.
They have free ship to store or $7.50 shipping to home.

You will need to complete the pull-down menus to add the books to your cart. My sections are WRTG: 121: 17049 and 17094 : Clare G Sansburn

All will need to bring their books to class on the assigned days (see syllabus). There are reading assignments as homework and in-class activities that will include required reading of the texts. Some students decide to share texts with roommates in different sections. That can work as long as you are able to make sure that you have access to the texts for your assigned readings and are able to bring the texts to class on the assigned days.

MLA Resources:
Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting & Style Guide
Model Essay -- MLA Format

Major Projects:
Visual Argument
Research Essay
Celebration of Student Writing
Final Portfolio

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