Dr. Chiron W. Graves

Assistant Professor

Biology Department

401R Mark Jefferson

Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, MI  48197





           My research focuses on secondary (grades 6-12) and post-secondary (college level) biology education. More specifically, I am interested in two areas of biology education. The first area involves the pre-service training experiences of high school and college biology educators and their understanding of science education reform efforts and what it means to be a “good” teacher. Current science education reform documents stress more emphasis on student understanding of the scientific practices and the nature of scientific knowledge. Obviously, prospective biology educators must be prepared to meet these challenges and I am interested in evaluating the extent of their preparation.

             A second area of interest for me involves helping biology teachers put the visions of these science reform documents, most notably A Framework for K-12 Science Education published earlier this year, into practice in the form of curriculum materials. The major question guiding this second area of interest is, “How do we design learning activities that integrate the three dimensions highlighted in Framework in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of science?” The three dimensions are 1) scientific and engineering practices, 2) crosscutting concepts, and 3) core ideas in the science disciplines and of the relationships among science, engineering, and technology. Although, Framework is focused on K-12 science education, some of the key principles are definitely applicable to science education at all levels.

             I am currently looking for undergraduate and graduate students interested in conducting research in biology education. If you’re interested in biology education research, contact me.