Courses I Teach


BIOT 403 - Methods for Teaching Secondary Biology (3 hrs)

A lecture-laboratory course providing knowledge, training and practice in the presentation of biological principles, analysis of texts, selection of course content, effective classroom methods and preparation of classroom materials used in the teaching of biology.

Prereq: BIO 120, CURR 305, EDPS 340


BIOT 407 - Nature of Science for Elementary Teachers (2 hrs)

This course examines the nature of scientific evidence, inquiry, hypotheses, models and laws. The development of science is put in the context of the structure of the discipline, its history, and interactions with society. Discussions of modern theories and laws will integrate scientific concepts with the processes of how science works. The class will also provide students with activities to demonstrate these concepts.

Prereq: ASTR 105, BIO 105, PHY 311, CHEM 312 and ESSC 311


BIO 592 - Historical Analysis of Biological Investigations (3 hrs)

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the impact some significant biological investigations have had on our society through analysis of the scientific publications connected with these investigations and other historical materials.

Prereq: Admission to Masters of Arts in Teaching or Masters of Science in Biology Programs