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This is my second year here at EMU and I am majoring in Computer Science.
I LOVE it here at EMU. That's a joke.

My Classes

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Here is a table with more information about my classes:

Class Course Number Days Meeting Time Started Time Finished Teacher Name Room Number
Global Issues PLSC-120 MW 11:00am 12:15pm Connor Sutton Pray-421
Calculus 1 MATH-120 MTWR 2:00pm 2:50pm David Folk Pray-322
Internet-based Computing COSC-231 MW 7:20pm 9:10pm Edward P. Gurnee Pray-520
The American City URP-115 Online Online Online Heather L. Khan Welsh Online

My Five Year Plan Is:

  1. Finish School
  2. Find a Job
  3. Finish Steam Library
  4. Get Money
  5. Build a really good computer

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