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Metaphoric Self-Portrait

The object that I chose to represent my idea of myself as an art teacher is the human liver. I feel that this object in many ways shares characteristics with my idea of what a good art teacher does. The human liver has the ability to pick and chose the perfect combination and ratio of nutrients that the body needs to function. In this same aspect, the teacher can pick and chose the correct lesson plans and skill sets to introduce, at the correct time in order to create functioning student artists.

The human liver can filter out unnecessary chemicals and poisons from being used by the body. A good teacher can filter out the bad behavior of students and the environmental causes of those behaviors. A good teacher can filter out bad learning habits, creating better artists and students.

The human liver can be segmented into 2-3 lobes and transplanted into 3 different

patients, each segment functioning as a full liver. This phenomenon can be compared to how a good teacher functions. A good teacher can have their attention split between many students in their classroom, yet they still treat each student issue equally and adequately. It is like the teacher needs to be more than just one person, much like the liver is really more than just the one organ.

The liver is the object that I would like to metaphorically embody as a teacher one day based on its durability, functionality and its flexibility. It is an organ that has incredible strength and uses, yet is extremely nurturing and dependable, characteristics a teacher should have in order to foster creative, intelligent and eager to learn artists and students. 


I have always been very interested in art. Throughout my whole life, creating art has been a subject of interest for me, and something that came naturally to me. I enjoy the ability to recreate, investigate and interpret the world around me with art. I have lways enjoyed the endless possibilites available through art; there is no right or wrong, no absolutes.

As much as I love art and creating it myself, I have always been good at helping other to interpret these same concepts. I have a knack for helping others to understand different abstract ideas, an ideal quality in an art educator.