Crystal Morse's Self-Assessment based on the
I.S.T.E National Educational Technology Standards

Hello, my name is Crystal Morse and I am a preservice secondary education teacher attending Eastern Michigan University.  I will be graduating in the Winter semester of 2005 with a major in Social Studies and a minor in Political Science. This self-assessment will show how I have achieved the ISTE educational technology standards for prospective teachers. My self-assessment is also based on the NETS performance profiles for prospective teachers. As a prospective teacher, soon to be a practicing teacher, it is my responsibility to infuse technology into my curriculum to support my students' learning and to assist me in my daily activities as an educator. 

In this self-assessment I will state each standard and the corresponding performance profile(s) that I feel I have achieved as well as a reflection stating why I feel I have achieved the standard and how.  In addition, I will state my proficency level based on what indicators of achievement I have demonstrated with my sample work.  Lastly, I will provide a sample of my work that demonstrates my achievement, as a link, in my reflection.

<>Description of Proficiency Achievement Levels:
0 = No awareness or exposure   0 = No awareness or exposure                                
1 = The abilitiy to describe, not yet applied                 
2 = Minimal achievement, appropriate to situations   
3= Consistent, appropriate application, solid performance   
4= Super performance, consistently applied at all appropriate times

Standard 1
Standard 2
Standard 3
Standard 4
Standard 5
Standard 6