field studies

tarantula on stone statueNatural history of tarantulas with a focus on differences in life history strategies of males and females. Includes (1) radio-tracking of male tarantulas during the mating season; (2) mate searching behaviors, (3) activities of female and juvenile within burrows, and (4) female-offspring interactions.


Metabolic studies

Pterinochilus muriusVarious aspects of metabolic rates including (1) inter- and intrasexual variation, metabolic rates associated with (2) activity/locomotory performance, and (3) growth as well as (4) specific dynamic action or the increase in metabolic rates associated with feeding.


Behavioral studies

Psalmopeus with spiderlingsMy students and I have studied many aspects of tarantula behavior both in the field and in the lab. Areas of ongoing interest include (1) sexual selection, (2) mate location and male female interactions during mating, (3) female-offspring interactions, (4) feeding behaviors, and (5) patterns of locomotory activity. Much of this work is integrated with either field work or metabolic studies.