Classes projects/activities


BIOLOGY OF ARACHNIDS: This is a field-based course that is typically taught during the spring or summer semester at EMU's Kresge Field Station in Lapeer Michigan (see photo at right from Summer 2010). Students produce a Spider ID Guide. Click here for a list of spiders identified from the field station


PARASITOLOGY: Student websites

NATURAL HISTORY OF INVERTEBRATES: This course has both a lab and field component. Students create a photo identification guide to local invertebrates.

SURVEY OF FLORIA INVERTEBRATES: This cCayoCosta_GroupPhotolass provides students with a field-based learning environment outside of Michigan.  During this trip we have many opportunities to observe and identify some of the invertebrates found along the Gulf and Atlantic shores in Florida.  Activities include snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking opportunities in different aquatic and terrestrial habitats.  Assignments include a shell collection and invertebrate photo identifications.  Students learn about marine, shoreline and aquatic communities as well as identification of local flora and fauna, especially the invertebrates. Click here for more details.