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 Calvin Simpson III

A Little About Me

Hello. My name is Calvin Simpson III and I am from Detroit, Michigan. I am secondary school teacher with a minor in English and a major in communications. I am a sports fanatic who loves to compete at whatever I do. My hobbies consist of listening to music, playing video games and watching football. I am really good at playing Madden on the X-Box 360. After graduating from EMU I plan on teaching English and also theatre/Drama club. After this semester I will only have seven classes left to graduate from the Urban Teacher Certification Program.

My Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy about teaching is very simple. Successfully educating today's youth only prepares us to have more productive and effective leaders for our future. Integrating the use of technology in the classroom allows students the opportunity to learn how computers play a major role in their everyday lives as well as in their education. I want to be a teacher because I love making a difference in a child's life. My main objectives as a teacher are to educate my students as well as prepare them for the real world that will be awaiting them after they graduate from high school. Students learn best by practice and repetition in any subject. If you have them do something over and over, eventually it will sink in. In my classroom I plan to have a computer per every two students. Homework assignments as well as projects and group work will be done on the computer. Students will be encouraged to use different types of technology in our daily lessons. Today’s society is based upon the use of technology every where we go. Our students need to be exposed to all of it’s forms in and out of the classroom. I will try my best as an educator to integrate technology into my lessons as much as possible. 

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

Calling All Parents!!! Are you tired of asking your child if they have homework and the answer is “No” every time? Well, all you have to do is log on to Mr. Simpson’s homework hotline at www.simpshwhtln@dps.com. Here you will get a list of our daily class work and homework as well as tips for helping your child successfully complete their assignments.

Technology Tip

The WWW is a wonderful way to research any topic.

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