Cameron Uffindell

I'm currently a junior in college, pursuing a Computer Science degree.
This is my first year at EMU, as I went to Sinclair Community College for
my first two years of college. I actually have zero HTML or CSS experience,
so these first few weeks of classes have been pretty helpful for me.
On a completely different note, some of my hobbies include Martial Arts,
playing video games, and also being a nerd, which sorta ties into the games.
I've taken three different types of Martial Arts so far, and I don't plan on
stopping any time soon; I've also started entering Tournaments for Super Smash
Bros, which is equally fun. I've almost broken even in terms of winnings and
entry fees, but sadly I'm not QUITE there yet. Also I'm the person
who's second from the left.

  1. Loki
  2. Dark Phoenix
  3. Dr. Doom
  4. Thanos
It's my classes, wow!
Class Name Course Number Meeting Days Time Start Time Finish Teacher Room Number
Computer Organization I COSC 221 MW 10:00 AM 11:50 AM Khaled Mansour Pray Harrold 520
Math Structures for Comp Sci MATH 205 MW 5:30 PM 7:10 PM John Curran Pray Harrold 322
Internet Based Computing COSC 231 MW 7:20 PM 8:35 PM Edward Gurnee Pray Harrold 503
Algorithms and Data Structures COSC 311 TR 10:00 AM 11:15 AM Susan Haynes Pray Harrold 203
Tai Chi PEGN 215L1 S 11:00 AM 12:40 PM Stephen Harrigan Rec Center

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