I'm currently a senior at Eastern Michigan University. I'm majoring in Computer Science - Applied with a minor in Criminology/Criminal Justice. Prior to my studies at Eastern Michigan, I was a Meteorology major at Valparaiso University, where I developed a passion for HTML and CSS. I have always been passionate about computers, but it was moreso obvious when I developed my first website for my Weather Technology class. I was spending more time organizing my website into divs and linking everything together, rather than focusing on the science that I was trying to present in an organized manner.

Since my first run in with coding, I've learned Java, with some introduction to C++, ML, Javascript, PHP, and Prolog. In my free time, I have taken up learning C++, Python, and Javascript. I continue to develop my skills with HTML, CSS, and Java and continue to post work that I have completed in my Additional Projects folder.