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CatWeek 1 Journal Quotes:

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.
    -Agnes Repplier
To achieve, you need thought...You have to know what you are doing and that's real power.
                         -Ayn Rand

No one can make you feel inferior wi
thout your consent.                            
    -Eleanor Roosevelt

maracaWriting a Research  Paper

    We will begin Jane Eyre Monday and it will take about 4 weeks to complete.  You will be responsible for the readings outside of class and upon completion of the book, you will write a 5 page research report. The topic is of your choosing, but it must be cleared through me before you begin.  Below are some steps to guide through the writing process.

Keys to Success
1.  As you read the text, write down notes to help you remember characters and plot development (a kind of timeline).
2.  Get your eveidence as you go by noting quotes in the text that resound with you.
3.  Start researching early.
4.  Ask yourself questions about the text and use those as a start off point for your thesis.  i.e. I wonder why the lady in the attic is crazy?  Is Rochester telling the truth?
5.  Find out what other scholars say about the text and base your ideas on a disagreement about those ideas.
6.   Make an outline first.  This way your topic setences relate and support your thesis (you can turn this in for extra credit).
7.  Edit your paper and ask yourself, why or how is this idea important?  What am I trying to prove?  Make sure you show rather than tell your ideas.
8.  Use a thesaurus because your idea may center on a few important words...finding new ways to express a similar idea can help expand your thoughts.
10.  Use the links on this page (I will add more as the semester progresses) to help you with the writing process.
11.  Turn your draft in early so I can help you edit or have a classmate help you revise (there will be peer editing later).


LinksJane Eyre discussion 

Writing/Editing tips

Grammar tips

Teacher's Note

It is my pleasure to pioneer this honors class and I hope you find great inspiration from the female authors we will read.  I challenge you to find your voice through these texts.

I will update this site weekly with new information and other helpful sites that will help contribute to your success.  I chose all of the books we will read very carefully and at the end of every text, I will post a survey that requires your feedback.  This is a very discussion oriented class so your regular attendance is a must.