Dustin Commet

My name is Dustin Commet and I am currently a student at Eastern Michigan University. I am studying Computer Science with a minor in Communication. I am also currently employed at the EMU Honors College. My hobbies include mostly playing games, reading, or watching TV or Movies -- I just generally enjoy Story-telling through various forms of media. I can be recognized as the tall child with the big face in my supplied photo.

Class name Course number Days meeting Time start Time end Teacher name Room number
Intro to Cultural Anthropolgy ANTH 135 TR 2:00 P.M. 3:15 P.M. E. L. Cerroni-Long Pray-Harold Hall 302
Internet-based Computing COSC 231 MW 7:20 P.M. 8:35 P.M. Edward P. Gurnee Pray-Harold Hall 503
Algorithms & Data Structures COSC 311 MW 2:00 P.M. 3:15 P.M. Matthew Evett Pray-Harold Hall 203
Programming Languages COSC 341 TR 5:30 P.M 6:45 P.M. Suchindran Maniccam Pray-Harold Hall 203
Math Structures for Computer Science MATH 205 MTWR 11:00 A.M. 11:50 A.M. Jiuqiang Liu Pray-Harold Hall 305

Top four Marvel villains:

  1. Winter Soldier
  2. Green Goblin
  3. Kingpin
  4. Bullseye